Welcome to the Beacoland Wiki
Here you kind find a bunch of helpful information such as the server rules, FAQ, tutorials, and more!

The Beacoland Wiki is currently still being worked on, if you have any suggestions please feel free to let us know on our Discord! We hope you find the information that is here useful!

About Beacoland

Beacoland is a semi-vanilla, Hermitcraft-like survival Minecraft server. We have a highly active and friendly player base of 650+ Discord members with more joining every day!
Within this Wiki, you can fine a wealth of information, ranging from our server rules to frequently asked questions and more!
As a semi-vanilla server, the gameplay experience is incredibly close to vanilla Minecraft, with just a few extra server optimisation and better quality of life additions. These additions are as followed (but not limited to) Mob & Player heads, Co-ordinates Hub, Automatic Chest, and more! To keep you and your builds safe, we use Core Protect (among other plugins like this) which offers us the ability to check and fix things such as stealing and griefing. Beyond this, there are no plugins that affect gameplay in any way, such as /tp, /spawn/ home, or land claims.
Alongside our survival and creative servers, we have a very active Discord for our players to communicate and make suggestions, and request support - both of which can be done within dedicated channels where our highly active staff team can assist at a moments notice.

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