/2fa {code}
Authenticate your account with your unique 2 step authentication code
Find out how to set up 2fa here.
You will only be asked to re-authenticate your account if you IP has changed. Otherwise it will automatically authenticate you when you join the game.

AutoChests & AutoInventories

/autosort chest
Toggles automatic chests.
/autosort inventory
Toggles automatic inventories.
To deposit a block such as stone into a nearby chest, you will need at least 1 stone in that chest.
To stop people automatically organising your chests, barrels and shulkers, rename your chest *. This will also stop /depositall from depositing items into that chest.

Chat Commands

/w {player-name} {message}
Start a conversation with another player.
/r {message}
Reply to the last person you messages or that messaged you.
Switch to Global Chat - Talk to everyone on the server.
Switch to Local Chat - Talk to everyone in a 100 block radius.
/sg {message}
Send a message to Global Chat whilst you are in Local Chat.
/sl {message}
Send a message to Local Chat whilst you are in Global Chat.
/mail new
Start a sort of in-game email to send to offline players - Write your message in the book & quill it gives you and then name it.
/mail send {player-name}
Send the email - This will send the book and quill to a player.
/mail inbox
Check for any emails.


/discordsrv link
Link your Minecraft account to our Discord.
For more information about how to link your accounts, follow the tutorial here.

Durability Alert

/durabilityalert toggle
Toggle a alert that tells you when your tools and gear's durability is low.
/durabilityalert enchant
Receive only warnings about enchanted tools and gear.
/durabilityalert status
Check to see what your current alerts are and how they are set

Laying & Sitting

Lay down on the floor
Sit down on the floor
You can also right click blocks such as stairs & slabs and you will automatically sit in them like a chair!

Link & List Commands

Shows a GUI with a bunch of helpful information
Gives you the link to our Map.
Gives you the link to our Discord.
Gives you the link to our Donation page.
Shows a list of the colour codes you can use on your signs, tools and more!
Shows a list of the colour codes you can use on your signs, tools and more!
Toggles a co-ordinates action bar.

Party Chat

/p {message}
Send a message to your party chat
/party create {name}
Create a party chat for you and your friends/team
/party delete {name}
Delete your party
/party invite {player-name}
Invite players to your party
/party kick {player-name}
Remove a player from your party
/party rename {party-name} {new-name}
Rename your party


/plan player {your-ign}
Check out a bunch of information about your and your account such as total playtime, player kills, deaths, sessions and more!


Gives you the links to the voting sites.
Opens our vote shop where you can spend your voting points.
Opens our mini-block shop where you can spend your mini-block tokens.
Every time you vote for our server, you receive a votepoint to use in our /voteshop and 1 mini token to spend on mini-blocks!
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